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List of promo codes in Pin up casino

You can get additional prizes through Pin UP casino promo codes. These are administratively issued coupons in pink and offered to players individually. The more active a player is, the better his chances of winning a personal prize.

🎰 Slot machines:


Copy and paste this code into your profile, in the “bonuses” – “promo code” section, make a deposit and get a bonus! Gives 50 FS per slot for the first deposit of 500 rubles and its equivalent Book of Dead



Copy and paste this code into your profile, in the “bonuses” – “promo code” section, make a deposit and get a bonus! Coywolf Cash gives 40 FS for a deposit of 400 RUB and equivalent

⚽ Sports betting:


Copy and paste this code into your profile, in the “bonuses” – “promo code” section, make a deposit and get a bonus! 100% free bet on the selection rate (minimum 3 events with a coefficient of 1.99 or more)



Copy and paste this code into your profile, in the “bonuses” – “promo code” section, make a deposit and get a bonus! Get 150% bonus when re-investing (maximum bonus up to 25000 rubles)

What bonuses are included in pin up casino promo codes?

Often, after activating coupons, customers of the institution receive a deposit bonus. The player can activate the interest rate, which is several times higher than the basic deposit bonus.

Coupons can be found as follows:

  • Access to social networks. You can find new bonus codes in VKontakte communities. These can be long-term coupons or promotions that last for several days.
  • Send a request to support. Clients registered in the live chat can talk to intelligence officers around the clock. Administrators will answer all questions, including mirrors and links to the latest bonus codes.
  • Go to topical forums and blogs. You can find bonuses and tips for playing slot machines in independent slot machine associations.

To activate the gift, the visitor must find the code in the Pin Up, copy it to a special form in the promotions section and paste it. After that, the conditions are opened for the user to be motivated. Usually you need to deposit the specified amount to the account within a certain period of time.

Current coupons are priced at $ 550 per prize. The gambler receives this amount at a rate of 125%. The operator goes to the customers and does not transfer the wager to one-time bonus options. The prize money must be returned within 72 hours.

Why look for a list of pin up casino promo codes?

The regular bonus program is just a small part of the club’s offers. For several months, a person who played Pin-Up was able to see special events. This applies not only to tournaments, but also to coupons that can be timed to different events:

  • Presentation of new slot machines. The operator ‘s club’ s new partner noted weekly competitions and promo codes for frispines. This also applies to announcements of cooperation with new providers.
  • International holidays. On the eve of the New Year, an expanded rewarding program awaits customers of the institution. The club issues dozens of bonus codes, organizes competitions and offers to participate in lotteries.
  • Local events within the club. Coupons can be accompanied by the casino’s birthday or as part of a campaign organized by the institution in cooperation with slot machine providers.

As a gift, in addition to deposit bonuses, players are offered:

  • Free spins. Rotation can be used in various emulators. Individual types of free spins are assigned to specific classic slots. On these devices, the main bonus is the round of rotation at the expense of the institution. You can run other scrolls in any cell in the directory.
  • Maximum percentage of cashback. To get the maximum weekly refund, the gambler must reach premium status. It does not take a month. Beginners try to take a risk by withdrawing 10% or more per day through a promo code. In the event of a large loss, part of the amount will still be refunded.
  • Disposable multipliers for automata. This is a typical bonus option for Russian-speaking clubs. The bonus is aimed at new players who are not ready to spend too much. Adding a promo code to the multiplier means that the user plays the next bet on the devices with a forearm.

Is this update specified in the promo code before activation?

It is not easy to get acquainted with free coupons in the field of online casinos. These shares are mostly personal. For example, a gambler receives a promo code to achieve VIP status. But here coupons may require a deposit, but there is no need to return it.

Before activating the code, the Client must understand the winnings. This is given for each bonus – an option in the institution.

Winnings at the Ping Up Club are minimal, but do not take more than 72 hours to process. Therefore, the gambler must prepare money in advance for the bets in order to get the required amount back.