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Login to Pin Up Casino

You can join the Pin Up Club with a login and password or through a social network profile. The club is a modern gaming institution that supports all popular social services.

What do I need to do to access the casino by logging in?

The services of the Internet Club will be fully available to registered customers. The registration procedure does not take more than 5 minutes. The gambler must tie an e-mail or mobile number, invent a password and fill out a personal profile.

If you play from your home computer, laptop, or smartphone, you don’t have to enter data each time you log in. You can save passwords and logins in the browser cache and log in to the club automatically.

Another life-breaking is to add an account page or a favorite cell to favorites. With one click, the player immediately switches to the program and can place a bet. Experience has shown that beginners first test different devices, and then they stop for one or two games.

The Pin Up casino login form is located in the title of the site. This can also be seen in the adapted version for mobile devices. The player must perform the following actions:

  • Click the “Login” button at the top of the title page. This will open a separate window where the user will be prompted to enter their data.
  • Enter the login. This is an email address or mobile number. If necessary, a visitor can restore access to the Pin Up website through the login.
  • Enter the password. To enter the club without errors, you can check the correctness and sequence of numbers and ciphers by clicking on the symbols.
  • Click the “Login” button. If the information is entered correctly, the casino system will redirect the gambler to a personal account or authorize the player with slot machines in the main window.

Everyone knows that the password is forgotten and lost. The administration of the institution goes to the meeting. Gembler can click the “Forgot Password” option and request a reset. The mobile number will receive a verification code, and the e-mail will receive a link to reset the password.

How to access Pin Up through social networks?

Under the classic form of authorization are the emblems of social networks. The casino visitor can log in to his office with a single click and not enter additional data.

Authorization through social networks is convenient for several reasons:

  • It’s not always convenient to use the keyboard when playing slots on your smartphone. Fingers do not touch the keys on the screen, so you need to enter the login and password several times. On weaker Android devices, the keyboard may also stick and slow down.
  • For those who log in to the Internet Club for a few minutes, it’s easy to click once to make a quick bet and spin the reels several times.
  • It’s easy to do this on the subway, while smoking at work, in traffic jams.
  • Linking a profile to a social network helps you remain anonymous. You do not have to log in to a real account to run a fake page without photos, reposts and notes.

Pin Up online casino supports Odnoklassniki, Mail Ru, VKontakte, Yandex and Google, Facebook services. The connection is made in three stages:

  • The gambler must make sure that the selected social network has a worksheet. This can be an open or closed profile.
  • The player must click the site button. Redirect will redirect the gambler to the social networking site.
  • The user must allow access to the data. The Pin Up Club system does not circulate personal information, correspondence or photos.

Then access to the club’s website involves simply clicking on the VKontakte or Facebook logo, and then the gambler starts playing for money.